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Whatever T-shirt



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Whatever T-shirt

The Valley Girls became infamous in 1980s California when they were seen by many as materialistic airheads more interested in shopping and fashion than anything of a more intellectual nature. They also became known for using words like 'whatever', 'way', 'as if', 'totally' and 'duh!' in the middle of sentences to emphasise a point. In his 1982 song 'Valley Girl' Frank Zappa intended to parody the style with his then 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit supplying typically funny 'Valspeak' dialogue, but ironically he only succeeded in popularising it. He then attempted to sue the producers of the 1983 film 'Valley Girl' for capitalising on his song, but failed.

If there is a cooler retro-styled t-shirt than this one then we've yet to see it. You think there is? Whatever...

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