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Why Does His Wife Call Him Brody?

100% Cotton T-shirt, retro style designed by Balcony Shirts, regular wash.



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Why Does His Wife Call Him Brody?

A mononymous person is known only by a one word name. It's quite often their surname - a slightly mad example of this is Teller, one half of the American magical duo Penn and Teller who has legally changed his name from Raymond Joseph Teller to just Teller. It's on his passport and everything. Miserable Manc music man Morrissey doesn't seem to use his first name of Steven very often these days, while camp keyboarder Liberace was rarely if ever known as Wladziu Valentino Liberace. First namer's include Madonna, Beyonce and Rhianna, and a mononym can also be a nickname - a good example of that is footballing legend Pele whose real name of Edison Arantes do Nascimento is a little trickier to say. Then there's Sting, whose real name of Gordon Sumner is a bit simpler to deal with than Pele's. He probably sees himself as a legend too.

This very cool retro-styled t-shirt asks the question that all of us back here in the homeland are wondering - just why does his wife call him Brody?

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