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GEEK T-shirt

100% Cotton T-shirt, retro style designed by Balcony Shirts, regular wash.



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GEEK T-shirt

The word 'geek' is thought to come from 'geck' meaning fool or freak. In the 18th Century 'gecken' were common in European circuses, and in 19th Century America Geek Shows featured in many travelling carnivals. The geek would be in a ring full of chickens where they would chase and catch one then bite it's head off and swallow it. They were often alcoholics or drug addicts, which is possibly not that surprising given what they did for a living. The meaning of the word is rather different these days - the American author Julie Smith's definition as 'a bright young man turned inward' might seem a bit harsh, but it's got to be better than biting the heads off chickens every night...

No chickens were harmed in the making of this very cool retro-styled t-shirt.

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