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Beep If You Love Metal Detecting T-Shirt

100% Cotton T-shirt, retro style designed by Balcony Shirts, regular wash.



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Beep If You Love Metal Detecting T-Shirt

The first recorded use of a metal detector was in 1881 when Alexander Graham Bell used an early model to help him look for a bullet lodged in President James A. Garfield's chest. Sadly the attempt was unsuccessful as the springs in the bed that Garfield was lying on confused the machine. These days they work a lot better - when tree surgeon Maurice Richardson was using one to look for parts from World War 2 aircraft in a field near his home in Newark, Nottinghamshire he found an Iron Age gold and silver choker known as a torc. When it was discovered that it dated back to The Iceni Tribe who were in Britain from the !st Century BC to the 1st Century AD it became the most valuable single item yet discovered through metal detecting when he sold it for £350,000 in 2005.

For the cost of a torc that used to belong to one of The Iceni Tribe you could get yourself 28,000 of these very cool retro-styled 'Beep! If You Love Metal Detecting' t-shirts. Go on, you know you want to - for metal gurus everywhere.

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