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I'm Not Insane, My Mother Had Me Tested T-shirt

100% Cotton T-shirt, retro style designed by Balcony Shirts, regular wash.



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I'm Not Insane, My Mother Had Me Tested T-shirt

The Big Bang Theory is an attempt to explain what happened at the beginning of The Universe. British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle first used the term 'The Big Bang' during a BBC radio broadcast in 1950; according to the standard version of the theory The Universe began around 13.77 billion years ago in a 'singularity' - except no one knows what a singularity actually is. It might be an area of infinite density at the centre of a black hole - but then again it might not. No one knows where it happened either. It couldn't have been in space, because before the singularity there was no space. There wasn't anything. And because there wasn't anything there was no reason for the singularity to happen in the first place. So why did it happen? No one knows. For these and other reasons some scientists think that Einstein's static-spacetime paradigm is a better model for the beginning of The Universe. Some don't think that The Universe had a beginning at all. Who is correct? No one knows.

None of this has very much to do with this undeniably cool retro-styled t-shirt but hey, you do your little experiments, I do mine...

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