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Geek Glasses - Black Wayfarer Shape with Clear Lens - emo

  • Clear Lens (non prescription)
  • Vintage Wayfarer Shape
  • Black Plastic Frames
  • Emo / Geek / Rock

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Geek Glasses - Black Wayfarer Shape with Clear Lens - emo

Geek Glasses - Black Wayfarer Shape with Clear Lens - emo glasses
We've searched the World for these glasses and we're over the moon we've finally got them. We hesitate to use the term "geek" glasses as these are pretty damn cool but that's pretty much what they've become known as. Seen on everyone from Elvis Costello, to Graham Coxon, Mr E from The Eels up to Fall Out Boy and a million and one other emo bands - a staple of the rock'n'roll wardrobe for years. They lens are clear plastic (non prescription - obviously).

They're Sometimes Called "Nerd Glasses" But We Think That's A Little Harsh
Kurt Cobain also used to have a thing about clear lens Wayfarers although we're not entirely sure whether his glasses were prescription or not. I'm sure one of you will know, if you do and you're still reading this, drop us a line and let us know.

Update via e-mail from Leanne:
"Well, in the Kurt Cobain biography called Heavier than Heaven, it says that he did not have vision problems. He only wore them for a brief time until his mother told him that they made him look like his father. Upon hearing this he promptly stopped wearing the glasses.

So, there you have it. Hope it at least made your Thursday afternoon a little less dull."

Yes, it did Leanne, thanks. x

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