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That Is A Lovely Plate Of Food Apron

Self fabric neck tie with sliding, adjustable buckle. Self fabric 90cm long ties, Width 72cm. Length 86cm. Industrial laundry 85°C. Domestic wash 60°C. Weight: 195 gsm



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That Is A Lovely Plate Of Food Apron

Even a master chef wouldn't be able to do their job properly if plates hadn't been invented. The Chinese discovered the process of making porcelain around 600 AD; they started trading with Europe in the early 1300's where porcelain items like plates became popular but these weren't manufactured there until 1708 when a German potter discovered the Chinese process. Many of the world's best known potteries were founded during this period - Royal Saxon in 1710, Wedgwood in 1759, Royal Copenhagen in 1775, and Spode in 1776. You can't say that you don't learn anything here can you? Life on a plate - not technically correct, but delicious.

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