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History, It's Just One Thing After Another

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History, It's Just One Thing After Another

In his book 'The Life Of Reason Volume 1 : Reasons In Common Sense' the noted philosopher, poet and essayist George Santayana wrote 'those who cannot remember history are doomed to repeat it'.
On his album 'Nothing Like The Sun' the noted singer, songwriter and pompous self-important buffoon Sting wrote 'history will teach us nothing'.
Clearly they can't both be correct - so do you believe Mr. Santayana, an early champion of epiphenomenalism (a branch of philosophy which attempts to solve the eternal riddle of Cartesian Dualism) or Mr. Sting, of whom Henry Rollins once made the observation 'when someone comes up to you and hands you "The Best of Sting" you realize that basically, somehow, you are dead'?

Actually when you think about it they both sound a bit funny... best to stick with this cool retro-styled t-shirt which simply states that History Is Just One Thing After Another.

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