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‘Yes Chef!’ – aprons for the cook who has everything.

November 05, 2012 | Scott

I’m sure like us you’ve often wondered where the word ‘apron’ came from. You haven’t? Well, have a think about it now – any ideas? No? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve found out and now we’re going to tell you…

Metanalysis is the linguistic term for breaking down a word or phrase into segments, sometimes changing it’s meaning in the process. The term was originated by the linguist Otto Jespersen and it means  ‘a change of breakdown’ in Greek. ‘Well that sounds interesting’ we hear you say (because we’ve got very good hearing) ‘do you have any examples of metanalysis so that we can see what it all actually means?‘ Well I’m glad you’ve asked that, because we do – the poisonous snake that we now know as an adder was originally called a nadder. No really it was – the ‘n’ was metanalyzed as belonging to the article instead of the noun. It sounds funny but it’s true. Another example is the word ‘history’ which could also be seen as ‘his story’, although where this leaves her story isn’t clear.
So why are we telling you this? Well I’m glad you asked that too (if you did) because believe it or not it’s relevant here. The protective garment that many of us wear when we’re cooking was originally called a napron but once again this has been metanalyzed to give us an apron. So now you know. Pretty cool huh?

Well we here at Balcony Shirts think that aprons are pretty cool generally so we’ve decided to produce a range of them emblazoned with some of our favourite designs normally which only found on our retro-styled t-shirts and hoodies; if that wasn’t enough we’ve even come up with some brand new designs that are only available on said printed aprons, so now you can even look cool while you’re cooking. A pronounced improvement over a prone position you might think? Mind you even metanalysis can’t explain that last line, or indeed why there was once something called a Bungalow Apron…

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