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Top 3 Beauty Spots Of Uxbridge

November 01, 2013 | Scott

Uxbridge, dearest Uxbridge.  Balcony Shirts was born in Uxbridge, and our shop is in Uxbridge.  Before we had the shop we worked from Uxbridge industrial Estate.  We live in Uxbridge.  We go out in Uxbridge.  You get the idea.

Our relationship with Uxbridge is very much like the relationship one has with a mother, ie: YOU’RE allowed to be rude about her and take the Mickey out of her but if anyone else does there is HELL TO PAY.  With that in mind, let us take you on a tour of some of Uxbridge’s beauty spots.

Number 3.  The Chiltern View Pub.  We’re not entirely sure how long The Chiltern View on Cowley Road has been closed down, but it seems like a very, very long time.  It used to have a reputation for being a little, shall we say, “fruity”.  It looks nice, though.

The Chiltern View Pub

The Chiltern View Pub


Number 2. Behind The Pavillions.  This really is Uxbridge’s little secret paradise, tucked away next to the “Curly Whirly Car Park” and behind the Raj Tandoori restaurant, when life gets too much you’ll often find holiday-makers here enjoying a the sights and maybe an alcoholic beverage.

Behind The Pavillions

Behind The Pavillions


Number 1.  “The Bit Next To Kwik-Fit”.   Finally, it’s the part of Uxbridge that locals know as “The Bit Next To Kwit-Fit”.  Reminiscent of scenes from the movie The Hurt Locker, not even a improvised explosive device to take the edge off it’s beauty.

The Bit Next To Kwik-Fit

The Bit Next To Kwik-Fit


If you have any other beauty spots that you think we should know about, please put your suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll endeavor to include them in part 2.


  • Pete Randall | Posted on 1st November 2013

    I feel a strong connection to the little road next to Subway opposite the Civic Centre that leads up to the gym. That is a little oasis of joy.

  • Scott | Posted on 1st November 2013

    Mate, I can’t believe I overlooked it!

  • Caroline Noonan | Posted on 1st November 2013

    How about the alleyway down the side of Tesco’s that leads out to the grassy knoll by the roundabout. Superb views of the entrance to cedars car park.

    Or the pedestrians entrance to Cedars by Tesco’s next to the cash machine that always smells of piss? Joyus!

  • Paul | Posted on 1st November 2013

    What about the little stairway up to the Pavs car park from outside Tesco? The one with the yellow walls and the fruity bouquet upon the nose? It’s like going into Narnia.

    Or even Cocks Yard, that magical road with the inspirational name that seems to lead to two totally different places depending which end you’re at. Uxbridge’s own Diagon Alley. And it’s got that Chinese takeaway in the wall too.

  • Danabnormal | Posted on 1st November 2013

    The stylish enclave in the Pavilians that intersects the bridge entrance and the loo. Pure gold.

  • Scott | Posted on 1st November 2013

    These comments have made me do a LOL all over my desk.

  • Danabnormal | Posted on 1st November 2013

    Cocks Yard is a GREAT shout. Well done that man.

  • Pete Randall | Posted on 1st November 2013

    Johnson’s Yard near the Kebabs.

  • pfoagain | Posted on 1st November 2013

    Don’t forget the fantastic views from the back of Wilkinson’s at the top of the Curly Whirly bridge and the ankle deep cigarette ends to stop you blowing away. You can float these fag ends down the gutter of piss that rolls down the slopes to the ring road below

  • Another Paul | Posted on 1st November 2013

    Wait… what about the labyrinthian St Andrew’s roundabout? There’s a little park in the heart of the roundabout with greenery and benches. I have yet to see anybody sitting on those benches.

    I like to walk down George Street after an appointment at the health centre because it’s so windy despite being surrounded by the in2u shopping centre and that glassy office building. George Street is the most windiest street in the world. F1 teams spend lots of money investing in state-of-art wind tunnels when they can bring their cars to George Street for a quick test.

  • Tom | Posted on 1st November 2013

    I quite like the view of the car park and the side of the Kitchen Company you get from inside The Ostler (I know it’s been taken over by a wine bar serving pizza and pasta and that, but it’ll always be The Ostler to me!).

  • RW | Posted on 4th November 2013

    The police station front office and it’s faded Chinese restaurant behemoth body with smattering of Civic centre toilet corner grimness. The backside of the Civic centre is also delightful in the land of Uxbridge but then that airstrip of suburban prison feel behind the Chimes is also a decrepit place to take one’s life? All suggestions so far have been spot on. The alley going up from bus station to Sainsburys may also be similar to the next level of Dante’s inferno if witnessed with proper hang-over and mild depression in rainy hemmed up concrete.

  • Rob | Posted on 6th November 2013

    KwikFit need to sort it out. Been like that for years. I thought they would do something last year, when they replaced the roof, but its looks like they do the bare minimum. The fence they put up is awful too!

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