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Yes Chef! Apron

Yes Chef! Apron

Self fabric neck tie with sliding, adjustable buckle. Self fabric 90cm long ties, Width 72cm. Length 86cm. Industrial laundry 85°C. Domestic wash 60°C. Weight: 195 gsm



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Yes Chef! Apron

There's an old Cockney saying - 'if you can't fight then wear a big hat'. But does that apply to a chef? Legend has it that way back in The Assyrian Empire chefs wore crown-like hats to make them feel special and thus to discourage them from poisoning The King. You wouldn't think that would put them off would you? Anyway King Henry VIII is said to have had his chef beheaded after he found a hair in his soup - perhaps unsurprisingly his replacement chose to wear a hat to lessen the chances of this happening again. He could of course have just poisoned The King... eventually the chef's hat (or to use it's correct title, the Dodin Bouffant) that we know and love today evolved, with it's 100 pleats said to represent the number of ways that a chef knows to cook eggs. Very cool - but not as cool as this retro-styled Yes Chef! apron.

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