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Nutritional Overachiever Apron

Nutritional Overachiever Apron

Self fabric neck tie with sliding, adjustable buckle. Self fabric 90cm long ties, Width 72cm. Length 86cm. Industrial laundry 85°C. Domestic wash 60°C. Weight: 195 gsm



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Nutritional Overachiever Apron

The French Paradox is the observation that people from France have a relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease despite having a diet relatively high in saturated fats. The term was coined by Serge Renaud, a scientist from Bordeaux University; when it was discussed on the American TV show '60 Minutes' in 1991 speculation that red wine decreases the incidence of cardiac diseases lead to consumption increasing by 44% and some wineries lobbying for the right to label their products 'health food'.

Let them bake cake while wearing this cool retro-styled apron.

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