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Mmmmm ... Bacon Apron

Mmmmm ... Bacon Apron

Self fabric neck tie with sliding, adjustable buckle. Self fabric 90cm long ties, Width 72cm. Length 86cm. Industrial laundry 85°C. Domestic wash 60°C. Weight: 195 gsm



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Mmmmm ... Bacon Apron

Have you ever wondered why bacon is so addictive? Well for a long time it was believed that we have four basic tastes - bitter, salty, sweet and sour. Now there are thought to be five, with savoury being added. The Japanese term 'unami' translates as 'pleasant, savoury taste', and bacon has six unamis which accounts for it's unique flavour. The recent increase in popularity of bacon in the U.S.A. has been dubbed 'Baconmania' in some quarters with many restaurants hosting bacon and beer tasting nights, and infusing bacon with Irish whiskey on St. Patrick's Day. You can get bacon flavoured bubblegum, ice cream, lip balm and dental floss as well as chocolate covered bacon and a bacon alarm clock that wakes you up with the sounds and smells of sizzling bacon. And then there's the 'Bacon Explosion', an American football-sized dish of over 5,000 calories consisting of sausages and bacon wrapped in, you've guessed it, bacon.

If you're a member of the 'Bacon Of The Month' club (and yes, it really exists) then this is the apron that you've been waiting for. Mmmm...

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