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I Haven't Washed My Hands

Self fabric neck tie with sliding, adjustable buckle. Self fabric 90cm long ties, Width 72cm. Length 86cm. Industrial laundry 85°C. Domestic wash 60°C. Weight: 195 gsm



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I Haven't Washed My Hands

Well it's not very often that we start one of these write-ups with a warning but we will here - if you've just made dinner for a few of your friends then you might want to look away now...

Washing your hands properly is a bit more involved than many of us might think. It is recommended that you rub your hands in warm (not too hot, not too cool) soapy water (and not running water, it should already be on your hands) for at least 20 seconds before rinsing the soap off thoroughly and drying with a clean towel. How many of us actually do that? You don't though do you? Well this means that when you think you've washed your hands you probably haven't actually washed your hands, and that you therefore have something like 50,000 bacteria on every square inch of skin. And don't get us started on warm air dryers whatever you do.

It's probably a good idea to tell your dinner guests that you're just being funny when you're wearing this retro-styled apron - after all while the majority of the 50,000 bacteria per square inch are harmless, it's the ones that aren't that you've got to worry about...

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