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Apostrophe Police

Grammatically incorrect.

100% Cotton T-shirt, retro style designed by Balcony Shirts, regular wash.



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Uni-sex hooded top. Double Fabric Hood, nice and cosy, twin needle stitching, ribbed cuffs & hem.



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Apostrophe Police

Apostrophe Police - Its A Matter Of Principle

Theres' always one is'nt there? Picking through the post's on an internet forum with a fine-tooth comb looking for grammatical error's and mistakes. Well, this T-shirt is for them, a homage to the Apostophe Police of the internet, saving the English language from "lol", "rotfl" and "C 2 L8R". Where would we be without them?

Its more than important, its' a matter of principle. White and light blue print on a navy blue, super soft cotton T-shirt. Yeahy!

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