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We are a shop in Uxbridge.  We've been here for ages.  We work very hard to produce nice things.  The most important thing to us is that we make nice things.  When you order from us, you have our word that we'll try our absolute hardest to make your items look great.  This is how we do things.

Our story is quite weird, and a lot of people don't believe it, but this is actually how we started...

In September 2003 a little-known indie tunesmith called Peter Doherty was sent to prison for stealing a guitar from bandmate Carl Barat. Two young Libertines' fans set about hatching a plan to bust their troubadour hero out of chokey. With minimal locksmith skills and limited criminal know-how they decided on the next best course of action… the "Free Pete Doherty" T-shirt. With a borrowed hundred quid and a deft design, a limited run of "Free Pete" T-Shirts were printed and sold in pubs around Uxbridge.  They sold faster than we could print them.  And that was it.  We eventually moved from our bedrooms into a portocabin (that was situated in a truck garage car park), to a leaky unit on Uxbridge industrial estate, as our business stared to grow, and we moved to our current home - our much loved shop in Windsor Street, Uxbridge - over 10 years ago.

Now we sell T-shirts all around the world and regularly print clothing for some of the biggest Film and TV companies in the world.  Over the last 12 months we have raised over £40,000 for good causes. 



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