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The History Of The Coffee Break

October 25, 2013 | Scott

Wives in 19th Century Wisconsin covered their husbands shifts at a local factory on the condition that they were allowed to go home (morning and evening) to do household chores and drink coffee. Unwittingly, they began the tradition of the coffee break that we know today, although it wasn’t until 1902 that the New York company Barcelo became the first employer to officially make the coffee break part of it’s employment benefits.  Funnily enough they made reclining chairs… and in June 1964 74,000 workers at Chrysler made history when they threatened to down tools unless they were granted a 12 minute coffee break. The management offered them health insurance, retirement benefits and a 5% pay rise, but it was the issue of a cup of coffee that nearly caused them to take strike action.

It was no coffee no workee then and it’s still no coffee no workee now.

Leigh Heggarty.

No coffee, no workee tote baf

No coffee, no workee

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