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T-Shirt spotting

August 23, 2012 | Scott

Street credibility

Here’s a true story for you. I was once in my local pub, having a quiet pint when somebody walked in wearing one of our very own Balcony original t shirts. “I made that” I very nearly shouted out loud, but I restrained myself and kept my cool – however – I knew I needed to get a photo of it. So out came the camera phone and the next 15 minutes were spent trying to get a photo. Apparently, pretending you’re trying to write a text with your arms outstretched isn’t very convincing… luckily he was a nice fellow and agreed to pose for me, which is obviously better than getting arrested for taking sneaky photos.

So here’s what we’d like you, the great British public, to do. If you see somebody wearing a Balcony t shirt then let us know. Preferably send us a photo – without getting caught – and then we will add it to this section of the site so that the world can see. Bonus points are awarded for t shirts being worn by animals (especially dogs) or by somebody called Dave wearing an “Everyone Knows a Dave” or ”What A Difference A Dave Makes’ t-shirt.

All entries will go onto this site and the ones that really make us laugh may well receive a little something in the post. Don’t say that we (probably) never give you anything.

Festival fever

Festival T-shirt spotting – there’s nothing quite like that awkward “I’m – trying – to – read – your – T-shirt – but – I – don’t – want – you – to – see – me – doing – it” look. That little sideways glance that says “Are you reading my shirt, or are you a pervert?”.

Well, cast your reservations aside and let’s all perv together. Like little Peeping Toms we’ll leave no stone unturned in the quest to bring you out-of-focus, amateurish photographs and screenshots of people in Balcony T-shirts at the British Music Festivals. Don’t thank us. No, please, don’t thank us.

From the muddy pastures of Reading and Glastonbury to the Slough Town Village Fete, we’ll be there; camera phones at the ready. If you’re at a festival, and you’ve got a picture of yourself in a Balcony T, please feel free to send it for inclusion in this section to and if we use it, we’ll send you a free t-shirt. If you include a little caption or paragraph about the photo too, that would be even better. They say that a picture paints a thousand words, but a picture and 100 words makes 1100 words – and that’s 10% better.

Celebrity skin

Everyone loves a Balcony Shirt, even film stars. Ok, so we haven’t actually spotted any film stars wearing one yet, but we’ve decided that they do and we could do with your help to prove it.

If you see any famous folk out and about wearing a Balcony shirt, let us know and we’ll add them to our list and if you can sneakily take a photo then that’s even better – but don’t get caught, nobody likes a stalker. However, considering that photos will be rewarded with free stuff from our site you can weigh it up for yourself. Is it worth a few days in chokey to get your hands on a free Ninja shirt? You know that it is.

If you can’t get a photo, let us know anyway so we can expand our list. This is clearly open to abuse, but let’s face it, claiming you saw Richard Attenborough in a “Ukulele Hero” shirt isn’t going to wash with us.

As seen on TV

So – you’re in a band, a bunch of young indie upstarts playing loud shouty music to kids barely old enough to go to your gigs. You get asked to be a guest on the BBC’s popular music quiz show ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ and you’re not even the singer. How does that work? Well it doesn’t matter – but you need to look your best. So what do you wear? Your favourite t shirt of course, which is exactly what Pennie from The Automatic did, donning his “Smile If You’re Gay” t shirt for the nation to admire. We’ve even got a screen grab of it.

And he’s not the only one caught on camera. Steve Jones of T4 fame has been seen wearing our “Strictly For My Ninja’s” shirt, while the drummer from the Fratellis wore the same shirt at the Reading Festival in 2006. We’re not surprised, it’s a nice shirt. As is our “Free Pete Doherty” shirt, the first t-shirt we ever made here at Balcony. The person wearing this one may not be famous, but we spotted him on the news, outside Court waiting for Pete. How apt. And then there’s the lady in the photograph at the start of this posting, wearing a ‘Bear Grills’ hoodie whilst rescuing hedgehogs. Sensible girl.

If you spot anybody wearing a Balcony t shirt on screen, drop us an email with some proof (preferably a screen grab) and we’ll get straight back to you. If we put it on the site then a reward lies in wait, which can’t be bad.


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