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T-Shirt design at Balcony Shirts

September 03, 2012 | Scott

Inspired by the greatest retro lover of them all (who else could have brought the fedora hat back into fashion?) Balcony Shirts came into being with the ‘Free Pete Doherty’ t shirt way back in 2003. From these humble beginnings Balcony Shirts has evolved into a vast collection of the weird and the wonderful celebrated in t shirt form. We have created our t shirts and hoodies for those who love a chuckle at themselves and to remember the days gone by when we grew up under the watchful eye of mutant turtles, vampires and that cheery little planet Pluto.

Suits your Style

To make sure that you find your ultimate retro look we stock both regular and vintage cut t-shirts. The regular are for want of a better term ‘regular’ while our vintage range which have that worn in washed out feel to them. Now we know that this fair isle doesn’t always give us t shirt weather so we are branching out into hoodies so that you can get your retro points across without freezing your… well, you get the point.

Blighty rocks

We couldn’t help but notice lots of retro clothes are based around that there United States and while we are not against this we thought that the lesser known British towns also deserved a shout out. So we have created a range of t shirts that celebrate the greatness of the smaller but perfectly formed towns in Blighty! We know some of them are counties not towns but who are we to split hairs when such fantastic offerings like our turtlely amazing Yorkshire t shirt are to be had. We and the people of Ealing would like to thank Marvin Gaye for making our ‘Sexual Ealing’ t shirt possible, it is a largely an uncelebrated part of London but a place that we feel deserves recognition.

Rave to the Dave

There is a special group of people that we believe have not received a significant amount of praise until now that is, step forward the Dave. Our first t shirt bearing the slogan Everyone Knows a Dave was our acknowledgement of their awesome presence in our society, our latest offering what a difference a Dave makes is to celebrate their greatness because we do all know one and lets face it they are pretty great. Look out for our next Dave tribute who knows what it could be? Thank you for the Daves?

Retro for the modern generation

Modern life is all about gadgets and celebrities and of course Weblebrities, you tube has made us all famous and we thought it is something that should be celebrated. So wear your t shirt with pride and get yourself on the web in a hilarious video and let us at Balcony know about it!

Dance magic dance

The 80’s were full of quotable and memorable films, we have a special place for the blood sucking Vampire fest that is ‘The Lost Boys’ and have let this spill over into our t shirt making with our favourite quote of the film, ‘They’re Only Noodles Michael’. Eighties classic ‘Labyrinth’ terrified us when we were young because of the goblins and as an adult because of the trousers – all we can say is ‘Dance Magic Dance’.

We didn’t stop there – our movie appreciation carries on into the 90’s with the oddball film ‘Rushmore’ to mark appreciation of Max and his dedication to after school activities we have created our own ‘Rushmore Beekeepers Society’ t shirt. We even make it right up to the modern day with our ‘Tropic Thunder’ tribute ‘Never Go Full Leotard’.

All in all you could say that our fantastic neon coloured, Back-To-The-Future-watching childhood has influenced our t shirt choices, so check out our extensive and amazing range of clothes – you are sure to find something to satisfy your retro appetite!


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