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What’s On The Balcony Turntable?

November 12, 2013 | Scott

OK, we don’t have a turntable. Not in the shop, anyway, that would be madness. The little needle would jump every time we opened the till.  Much to the disgust of music snobs up and down the land, we play music via the gift of the digital download, or occassionally (whisper it), via You Tube.  Here’s what we’re listening to at the moment in the darkest corner of Uxbridge.

The Raven by The Monks Kitchen (2013)

This is a genuinely eerie homage to the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe.  We can’t stop listening to it.


There’s A Whole Lot of Heaven – Iris Dement (live 2008)

This is a live performance of a song from the near-perfect album “Sing The Delta” by Iris Dement.


Gene Clark – Life’s Greatest Fool (1974)

Tried listening to this record about 10 years ago and couldn’t get on with it, we were clearly idiots ten years ago.


Hayes Carll “Another Like You” (2010) 

This is being played in the shop approximately 13 times a day. We’re playing it again now.


Sneak out the backdoor – Ron Sexsmith (2013)

Our favourite track from the brilliant (but terribly named) album Forever Endeavour.

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