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January 15, 2015 | Scott

OK, we don’t have a turntable. Not in the shop, anyway, that would be madness. The little needle would jump every time we opened the till.  Much to the disgust of music snobs up and down the land, we play music via the gift of the digital download, or occassionally (whisper it), via You Tube.  Here’s what we’re listening to at the moment in the darkest corner of Uxbridge.


Hayes Carll “Another Like You” (2010)


This fella is called Hayes. And he’s written one of the finest duets of all time. Hats off.


Woody Guthrie~ All You Fascists Bound To Lose (circa 1948)



Zigzagging Towards the Light – Conor Oberst (2014)


PItchfork criticised Conor’s solo effort because it “sounds too much like Bright Eyes” – which was Conor Oberst’s other, errr, solo effort. Idiots.


Buck Owens – Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (1961)



Foxygen – San Francisco (Official Video) (2013)


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