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A Competition To Put Your Hometown On The Map!

February 04, 2014 | Scott


Hello, at Balcony Shirts, we’ve been celebrating the less-celebrated towns and cities of Britain through the medium of T-shirts for years.  We’ve been featured in the national press, and on national radio. Our “Milton Keynes – City Of Dreams” T-shirt was even worn by the mayor of Milton Keynes.  But, and it’s a shameful admission, we’ve haven’t done any new ones for far too long.  And that’s where we need YOUR help.

Competition Time:  Tweet us at @balconyshirts using #hometownslogans , or leave a message on our Facebook page stating YOUR slogan for YOUR hometown.  If we use your idea, we will design a T-shirt using your slogan and send you a free one, plus ANY other T-shirt from our website.


Here are the rules: no sweary/rude ones, although witty, pun-fuelled, cheeky, clever, rhyming or factual ideas are MORE than welcome. We want the T-shirts to be a celebration, not a dig!  If two people send the same idea, the prize will go to the message, tweet, email with the earliest time.

Here are some of our favourites to give you some ideas:


The competition is open until Tuesday 11th of February and the judges decisions are final!


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  • Steven Burrows | Posted on 4th February 2014

    Home of Rab C Nesbit’s brother “Shug” spelt “Hugh”

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