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  • Top 3 Beauty Spots Of Uxbridge

    November 01, 2013 | Scott

    Uxbridge, dearest Uxbridge.  Balcony Shirts was born in Uxbridge, and our shop is in Uxbridge.  Before we had the shop we worked from Uxbridge industrial Estate.  We live in Uxbridge.  We go out in Uxbridge.  You get the idea. Our relationship with Uxbridge is very much like the relationship one has with a mother, ie: […]

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  • You’ve probably been wondering about the origins of the wallet for years, yeah?

    October 30, 2013 | Scott

    In a change to our advertised programme today we will mostly be talking about wallets instead of t-shirts. Leigh Heggarty from Balcony Shirts has been pondering the origins of the wallet, he’s done some investigating … SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  – here’s what he discovered… The ancient Greeks carried a sack called a kibisis in which […]

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  • The History Of The Coffee Break

    October 25, 2013 | Scott

    Wives in 19th Century Wisconsin covered their husbands shifts at a local factory on the condition that they were allowed to go home (morning and evening) to do household chores and drink coffee. Unwittingly, they began the tradition of the coffee break that we know today, although it wasn’t until 1902 that the New York […]

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