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The pubs of Uxbridge town centre

January 07, 2015 | Scott

Pubs – who doesn’t love ’em eh?  Well quite a few of us don’t, judging by the number that have closed in recent times. Uxbridge High Street was once the site of Harmans Brewery, and the town centre has seen over 40 public houses come and go over the years. Here at Balcony Shirts we are all enthusiastic patrons of the few remaining local pubs – purely in the interest of supporting fellow local businesses you understand. We thought that it might be interesting to compile a list of Uxbridge pubs past and present along with a map showing their whereabouts.  If you spot any missing pubs or corrections please comment below. We might even meet you in The Queen’s Head for a drink?


1 The Crown And Treaty (The Treaty House)
2. Brewery Tap
3. The Feathers
4. Anglo-Bavarian
5. Chequers
6. Coopers
7. The Queens Head
8. The Eagle
9. The Falcon
10. Gumbrells
11. The Crown & Scepter
12. The White Horse (The Ostler)
13. The Lion
14. The George
15. The Herons
16. The Victoria
17. The Ram
18. Great Western
19. The Royal Oak
20. The Foyers
21. Bryants
22. Keep Within Compass
23. New Inn
24. The Three Tuns
25. The Grapes
26. Kings Arms
27. The Mortem
28. The Eight Bells
29. The Carpenters Arms
30. The Railway Arms
31. The Rising Sun
32. The Catherine Wheel
33. The Spotted Dog
34. The Metropolitan
35. The Three Legs
36. Merrits
37. Nicholsons Stores
38. Brewery Tap
39. Nicholsons
40. The Wellington
41. The Brewery Tap
42. Montague Arms
43. Chittendens
44. The Gardeners Arms
45. The Fig Tree (previously The Old Bill)



  • Gordon | Posted on 12th January 2015

    Ahh, but what is the favoured spot of Balconettes?

  • Scott | Posted on 12th January 2015

    The Queen’s Head in Windsor Street for us!

  • Thalia T | Posted on 14th January 2015

    I think that you missed out on The Peacock which used to be inside the Pavilions. It then became the Chequers and eventually Cafe Giardino and now a big empty space.

  • Scott | Posted on 15th January 2015

    We got Chequers (number 5). Did know it was called The Peacock before that? Thank you!

  • Thalia T | Posted on 15th January 2015

    Yes it was definitely The Peacock. It was demolished and the cafe built after the pub was called The Chequers. I can’t remember when he pub was demolished nor when the cafe changed name to Cafe Giardino. Perhaps Ken Pearce, the local historian, knows more details.

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