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Balcony Shirts: The Process

August 23, 2012 | Scott

‘How does the magic of Balcony Shirts start?’ we hear you say – not that we can blame you as we also think our t shirts rock. There is of course a huge amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into making a classic and timeless item of clothing. There is also a huge amount of fun and a lot of banter when deciding which items would be timeless and which would be pointless. How can you decide what a classic film is and once you have made that choice picking favourite characters and lines make this seriously hard work.

99% inspiration 1% perspiration

When you have a great love for all things vintage and retro you can take inspiration from all areas of life. A sudden memory of a great childhood TV programme can be the inspiration for a new t shirt, for instance Super Ted, Thundercats and Fraggle Rock.

Film quotes are another great starting point, who doesn’t love a good quotation? Classic lines from Classic films are what make our world go round. Who hasn’t spent hours with their mates endlessly quoting lines from their favourite films?  ‘Yeah but it goes up to 11’ which is more than 10 as Spinal Tap fans know only too well. We agree with Nigel Tufnel here – why would you make 10 louder when you can make it go up to 11?

And the Kingdom Stands United

If you have been perusing around the website you will also be able to see that we take a huge amount of our inspiration from the towns and cities that make Blighty the great place that it is. Luckily for us there are still so many untapped distinguished parts of the country to keep us going for years to come.

As well as personal preferences we pride ourselves in our research like discovering that everyone knows a Dave. You have no idea how many people we had to ask that question before we could state it as a fact. What a difference a Dave makes was slightly easier because knowing our very own Dave and seeing the difference he makes to all of us we felt justified in our statement.

Social events don’t escape our notice either the 2009 snow storms provided us with some material and of course the outbreak of swine flu lead to our Aporkalypse Now t shirt with some cool pig helicopters, sometimes I don’t know how we come up with such genius ideas even if I do say so myself.

Choosing a Colour and Cut

Sounds distinctly like a trip to the barbers we know but they are important questions. We love both the regular cut and of course the vintage cut t shirts and a whole spectrum of colour but you can’t beat brown, black and green tees for that retro feel. And of course the fabric has to be soft and have that lived in feel so that it not only looks good but feels good too.

The Finished Product

The final t shirts that come out of the Balcony Shirts production line have been tested and looked at and worn to make sure that each and each of them is to the highest standard possible. We would be proud to wear everyone of our t shirts and often do – as the old saying goes ‘never trust a thin chef’ so never trust a retro t shirt maker who won’t wear his own merchandise.

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