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May 09, 2012 | Scott

Firstly, we’re not going to offer you any advice, we’ll leave that to your Old Dear! However, we are going to use these pages to let you know a little more about what makes Balcony Shirts the shop it is and release some articles to help unravel the maligned and mysterious world of retrology… we made that word up, yeah!

We’ve got some bits on T-shirt spotting in the dirty depths of the British Rock Festival, some blatant and unashamed self-gratification at the celebrities spotted in our T-shirts (we say “celebrities”, but do Local Radio Djs count?) “What’s Not To Like” is the You’ve Been Framed of Balcony Shirts, where we reveal your fashion disasters to the nation… but we don’t send you £250 for the privilege, just a free T-shirt. Word.

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